Rob Hino, June 20 2020

Howdy, y'all!


What is CoolProdux?

For me, @coolprodux is a test to see if I can follow through and practice what I’ve been preaching to anyone who’d listen.  CoolProdux is a thorough documentation of my journey, a tell-all live story playing out in the now of how to build an automatic product based business.  CoolProdux is about building a community of like-minded people who love and/or dream about developing a business around physical products. I envision CoolProdux becoming a crowdfunding platform specifically built around validating and rapidly launching physical products, but unlike Kickstarter it will include a network of capital, resources, experience, manufacturers, distributors, marketers, and business mentors to help increase the likelihood of success for each participating campaign. But until we can get there, CoolProdux is a hub for me to share all my product ideas with the world and the place where I will document my second solo attempt at building a product based business from the ground up, with limited startup capital.

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Rob Hino


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